Thursday, March 5, 2009

Evil in Darfur

I just turned off CNN.

I'm so angry, so outraged, so utterly incensed. I don't know what to do.

The President of Darfur, who was yesterday indicted by the International Criminal Court at the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity, is throwing all aid agencies out of Sudan. Doctors without Borders, World Vision, the Red Cross, and others have received notification that they are to stop providing food and medical assistance to ANYONE in the country. This means hundreds of thousands of impoverished people have been sentenced to death. Even with the help of these agencies, the crisis in Darfur was staggering at best. There already weren't enough resources and health care to go around. Read the article here.

I watched Darfur's President merrily waving a flag and dancing in front of a mob of people, as he laughed off the war crimes charge and, in retaliation, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people to death. A doctor being interviewed said, in a thick voice, tears in her eyes, "We are not political. We are medical. We just want to get back to our patients. They will die. They will die without us."

The only word that makes any sense to describe this scenario is EVIL.

I have no clue what to do. I just e-mailed the President of the United States. It was a short e-mail. It started like this,
"Dear President Obama,

Can you please stop President Al-Bashir. Please. I can't think of anything more important than saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people...... "

Will you join me in praying for justice for these innocent people? Will you e-mail our President? Will you post other ideas about what we can do?

E-mail the White House here


  1. Oh Jodie, I am SO disgusted with Bashir and his arrogance! I can hardly believe that a human could be so evil.
    My heart breaks for the people of Darfur. How LONG must they suffer like this?!
    I'll join with you in prayer and emailing people.
    Vengance in mine says the Lord.

  2. I't SO disgusting. And when I think of how our country has invaded so many oil-rich nations in the name of "protecting freedom", and yet we don't go into Darfur, or Zimbabwe, and kick some ass . . . I don't get it. Truly.

  3. Not only is Bashir throwing the Aid organizations out of the country, but if you look at the photo in today's news, you will see its all just the military personnel smiling, but that the citizen's are being forced to raise their hands for their country's leaders. This is exactly what the Nazi's did to the people of Germany and other such nations under evil dictators. He's evil for sure, he's up to something and whatever is is he's up to, it's not good for anyone except himself. Keep your eyes on him, as he thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

  4. thanks for including the link to email the President. Obama was actually in one of the first documentaries I ever watched on Sudan...The Devil Came on Horseback...hard to watch but very insightful!

  5. Oh my word....I am ABSOLUTELY SICK! I can not believe it. I have a difficult time wrapping my mind around such evil. Thank you for bringing my attention to it~ I will definitely be writing.... I ahve never understood - like Kristen above mentioned....why. why, why, are we not there taking these evil people DOWN...I just don't get it...

  6. Updated info I just read said that only 10 agencies have been expelled. Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and Doctors without Borders are among them.

    World Vision and the Red Cross were not mentioned.

    This expulsion is still expected to effect hundreds of thousands....

  7. World Vision is still in Sudan. I know you can give specifically for the people of Sudan. World Vision is a wonderful organization that has been working in the region for a long time.
    Our country has a history of looking the other way in situations like this. I will email President Obama and Hilary Clinton I believe her position as Secretary of State would have some influence. I would also suggest emailing your state senators and congress representatives. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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  9. This makes me cry.

    Uuuggghhh...the pains of waiting for the day when ALL will be restored. Ouch, it sure dang hurts.


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