Monday, March 2, 2009

Vogue and MIchelle Obama

Normally, when I check out of the grocery store, I intentionally ignore the gossip magazines. I do scan the headlines sometimes just to smirk at the sheer ridiculousness of our culture's obsession with celebrity, but I'm not a big gossip magazine reader.

Yesterday, though, I snatched up two of them, Vogue and People, because Michelle Obama was on the cover. First I thumbed through Vogue. Scores of sickly looking, too thin models stared back at me. I was struck by the contrast between Michelle Obama and the weak, waify, starving girls in the magazine. Michelle's photo screamed strength. Her famously buff arms and her confident smile were refreshing to see on the cover of a fashion magazine. Unlike the models, she didn't look like she would collapse at any moment from lack of nutrition and there were no dark gray circles under her eyes.

It was a nice change.


  1. She is a beautiful, amazing woman, inside and out.

  2. I just came from the grocery store and saw the Vogue if I am honest, the title made me sad. The First Lady the World has been Waiting For.
    This title diminishes the role Laura Bush and every other played. Who with her husband did so much for the continent and the people of Africa.
    Quite frankly what has Michelle Obama done that the world is so excited about? Other than becoming a fashion icon I don't know what she has done that makes her amazing? The media has elevated her to a level that she really has not earned. I hope she lives up to the pressure that has been put on her.
    There is my two cents that you didn't even ask for.

  3. I'm with Kimber on this one...why have we been waiting for her? Why would she agree to appear in a gossip magazine? What makes her amazing, she dresses nice and she's in shape?

  4. Have to agree with Wendy on this one...she is actually refreshing compared to the women the world has been talking about for the past several years. Real, different, confident and true to herself. Sounds like a strong woman to me!

  5. A few brief reasons Michelle Obama is a good role model for me, and my daughter...

    Graduated from Princeton with honors
    Law degree from Harvard
    Was once her husband's boss
    Sacrificed 300k salary to raise her daughters

    I'll not go in to her entire bio. Suffice it to say that I prefer seeing her healthy, intelligent face in the check out line instead of, oh say, Jessica Simpson.

  6. I like her...and as a soon to be mom of an Ethiopian-American daughter I am grateful for a positve role model for her.

  7. I ask, what exactly did Laura Bush do? The world HAS been waiting for a person like Michelle Obama. She is intelligent (not riding on the coat tails of her husband), she is a dedicated mother and daughter, and is a strong African-American woman that people can identify with for once. Rather than scold the Obama's. I believe people should take their negative energy and PRAY for them. That would be the right thing to do.

  8. Seriously folks, I'm with Kimber...WHAT HAS SHE DONE????? Jodie, I'm surprised at your "criteria" for what make a woman "great." As a pastor's wife, I would think you'd be well aware that diplomas and careers do not necessarily a great woman makes...Man looks at the outward appearance, while God looks at the heart....

  9. Sheesh, Jess! Feeling a little judgmental today? Yikes! I sincerely hope you're kinder to the pastor's wife at your church than you just were to me.

    Calm down, people. The intent of the post was not to declare Michelle Obama as the Savior of the World. I'm pretty sure we already have one of those.

    The intent was simply to point out that women and young girls everywhere have a new positive role model. That's it!

  10. Hmmm....the mad people in here sound like sore losers. I'm betting they hate Michelle out of some kind of weird political loyalty to McCain. You know, Michelle sucks because her husband won.

  11. Every first lady has contributed in incredible ways while their husbands have served as president. I don't believe any of them have ridden on coat tails. They all took on their passions and did something with them while their husbands were president.

    I am not bitter or angry or resentful neither I am scolding the Obama's. I am sorry if I came across that way.
    The title on the Vogue cover is what I didn't agree with.
    Time will tell how Michelle contributes to the world.
    Again I hope she can live up to the pressure that has been placed on her.
    Jodie I am sorry I took it down the road of the title on the cover.

  12. I feel sorry for people who have to find the negative in everything. Jodie is entitled to have her opinion with out people throwing in "you should know better since you're a pastor's wife". You should be ashamed of the way you judge people and thank God that he does not treat you with that kind of attitude. Michelle Obama has been first lady for less than 2 months. Maybe you should give her a chance? Oh, no you're right. Let's just be judgmental, condescending, rude and insensitive. That is much easier than showing respect and humility to someone you may not always agree with, right?

  13. Hey Friends! Nothing like a copy of Vogue to stir it up!! Their job is to be sensationalistic, and to sell magazines, and they typically do so to the detriment of our young ladies, providing weak, unhealthy and empty kinds of role models. So I personally like the change of pace, because we are always trying to find healthy "role models" for our kiddos. I personally like Laura Bush. I liked the emphasis on literacy, I thought she was a great lady, who loved her husband, who loved her family, and who made a positive contribution. I think Michelle has great potential, maybe even greater than Laura. She is strong, articulate, educated, and capable. The fact that she has put all of that potential behind her husband in a support kind of role is a beautiful sacrifice, and I think Christians of all political stripe can celebrate that.
    Bottom line (and this is my perspective as a leader) is that leadership is hard, and having people judge ever syllable you utter makes relaxing difficult. This is why the Bible calls us to pray for our leaders. I can't tell you how many times I've prayed for the Bush family over the years. I would love to invite you to join me in praying for the Obama family as well. Never forget they're trying to make marriage and family work, just like we are. I'd encourage you to ask God to protect them and guide them.
    And even if (politically) you count them as enemies? Well, Jesus tells us to pray for them as well.

  14. I'm glad I married you for so, so many reasons....

  15. Ok, I admit to actually reading the entire article about her in People this week. I DON'T admit to actually buying the issue, though....I read it at the gym. :)

    I have always loved Michelle. I think she is amazingly smart, articulate and STRONG....and I am not talking about her arms. I admire her for saying what's on her mind, even on the campaign trail where the media was scrutinizing her every word. It is my firm belief that because of her background (growing up in South Chicago, fighting her way through inequality to become the person she is today), she has her finger on the pulse of the least more than most modern-day politicians.

    And to those who claim that she hasn't done anything yet -- I respectfully remind you that President Obama has only been in office 6 weeks! And in that time, Michelle has had to uproot her family, move her kids to a new school, and build a home for her famiy in the White House. I respect her more for putting the needs of her young daughters first. I have absolutely no doubt that she is going to do amazing things for our country.

    Plus, apparently she loves to shop at Target. Who can argue with the wisdom of THAT?!!?

  16. Woah! It's a magazine. I will say that Michelle has killer arms and who doesn't like that fact that she's a role model for folks to get off the couch and do something? I'm not starting an Obama fan club or anything, but I agree that I'd rather look at a photo of Michelle than Jessica Simpson or J-Lo.

  17. I LOVE you.

    enough said.


  18. Sorry - bad day yesterday...I shouldn't have taken it out on you..
    I'm new to your blog and LOVE it, sorry for the snarky comment. I promise to keep my moods in better check.

  19. Michelle Obama already has established her individuality through her fashion choices, but with a self-assurance and far-reaching influence similar to her predecessors. But I'm sure she also works out.


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