Monday, July 19, 2010

Heading Home

We're headed home on Friday!

Today we found out that all the documents we need are, in fact, ready. I expected we'd hear maybe one piece of good news today. Turns out, we had the perfect trifecta of good news this morning. Birth Certificate? Ready. Tuberculosis sputum test results? Ready and Negative. Visa Appointment? Scheduled.

Can't tell you how much we appreciate your prayers. God moved a huge mountain.

Since lots of you in America will have the pleasure of meeting Duzi soon, he wanted to introduce himself.....


  1. This is awesome! So happy for your good news!

  2. what awesome news.... God does move mountains.... and what a cute video...

  3. Wowie! GREAT news! ...and Congratulations! Your son has such a FUN little personality! I can see he probably puts a smile on your face, even when you were jumping through hoops to get him home!


  4. Well, it's true. Five-year old boys are the same EVERYWHERE--silly, goofy, loveable. Congratulations.

  5. Such a blessing!! Too bad he is so shy and bashful. Looks like he will fit right into our family. I love him and I wish we were going to be at the airport to meet all of you with love and hugs. We will be there in spirit. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  6. Awesome news!! So happy to hear! Fun video, too. :)


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