Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Experiment

I've decided to start running ads on my blog. Since I spend insane amounts of time online blogging and blog stalking, I may as well make a little cash. Why not? I started yesterday and have so far made $.34. YES! Now, I can pay half the tax on a cup of coffee.

I don't get to choose which ads come up. So, if you're offended by what's being advertised, my hands are clean. Google targets ads at what it perceives to be the main audience for my blog. We'll see how this goes.

So, do me a favor and click on the ad to your right......I'll make like 4 cents!


  1. you just made $0.04!

    how can i make money?

    what do you need to do to get ads on your blog?

  2. Oh my - now that I am a stay at home Mom which I am thrilled about doing, I would love to earn some extra green backs. Do blog about how to blog and advertise....I would so not mind doing it. And it looks like it doesn't take up much space. Thanks for sharing that great idea !

  3. Ok, I couldn't wait. I'm trying to set up my account. What size are you using? Full banner, 1/2 banner??? Thanks.


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