Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To Train or not to Train....

Today was a good running day. Blue skies, empty trails, slight breeze. My legs felt light, my breath came easy, my feet immediately got into a rhythm. To know what a good running day is, you have to have had some bad ones. I've had some bad ones....see previous post for details. On days like today, I feel like anything is possible.

I'm debating whether or not to begin training for a half iron woman race in June. 1 1/2 mile swim, 52 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.

It would be an amazing accomplishment.
I would feel good about myself.
I could compete as part of a World Vision team to raise awareness and money for global issues.

Training will occupy a lot of my life, probably around dawn every day.
I really like sleeping in.
I really, really hate mornings.
I might get hurt again.
The gear is expensive.

Hmmm. I'm thinking on this and waiting for an answer from above. I'd really appreciate an audible, booming from the sky voice that says, "TRAIN YE FOR YEA HALF IRON MAN." That would be nice. Or, someone could buy be a wetsuit and year's supply of coffee. I'll take both those responses as a yes.


  1. here's a little voice:
    GO FOR IT!
    You make me want to run again, but my knees would get mad at me... :)

  2. Great idea. Where is this race? I haven't heard about a local tri.... and ditto with Sara and bad knees. But we can live vicariously through you right? --tj

  3. Like the Nike add says "Just Do It!". But you're right - it does take alot of time to train for a half ironman. My husband does half ironmans and I run marathons (run 10, including two Bostons)and I can tell you his training is more time-consuming than mine. If you are concerned about time or cost, you might consider a marathon instead (or a half marathon if you haven't done one yet). Good luck!

  4. ok, i'll show my ignorance... why is training expensive?

  5. Hm. I say do it. It won't kill you. Right? And it could be fun. And if it isn't fun you can at least say you've done it. For the money part, well, maybe you can have a bake sale? I'll totally make cookies for you to sell (I'll just send Jonathan along to buy them right back-guaranteed money maker!)

  6. Road or tri bike and all associated gear and apparel, wetsuit.....

  7. I still need wetsuit (just priced one at 350.00), cold weather biking gear (At least $60 per article), various gels and powders if I'm training longer than an hour........Cha-Ching!!!!!

  8. I say go for it...but good grief woman, you don't need to do this to feel good about yourself. Do you think you're Super Woman? I know you already know that and you probably didn't really mean THAT but just making sure you know that your great already. I hope that all made sense.

  9. Do it!! Do it!!! That is a goal of mine and I'd love to hear about your experience while getting in shape for mine! :) Also, World Vision is such an awesome organization. I have some friends running the Chicago Marathon raising money for them this October. It's such an amazing opportunity!
    Can't wait to hear about your training!


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