Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today I'm wondering just HOW many activities are healthy for a child (and by default, ME) to be involved in. Combined, my two kids play soccer, take piano, do Taekwondo, sing in our church's kid's choir, attend chess club, and run cross country. And they still have to do homework, practice piano and read every night. We're addicted to activities. And so are most other families I know. They are all positive, all good things. It's the grand combination that's overwhelming me. Translate...we're too busy. Today a friend asked about our plans next Weds. I looked at her blankly and said, "Um, I have to consult The Calendar."

The school year JUST started and I'm already tired of The Calendar ruling my life. We are so thickly scheduled, that there's no room for spontaneity. I'm always packing snacks for the next event, telling my kids to hurry so we're not late, and dragging them kicking and screaming out of bed in the morning to do it all over again.

Our lives need to be more like a Word document. Hear me out. The margins are set beforehand. You fill the page with content but leave a wide margin on both sides. Small margins make a page too overwhelming to process. Lately, I've been messing with the margin settings on our lives. We have too much text on one page.

So, today I decided to cancel everything we typically do on Fridays, to build a little margin back into our lives. Fridays are our activity free family fun zone. Well, after this Friday. We have an Ice Cream Social at the kids' school. Starting next week, we begin Margin Fridays. Really, I'm not going to schedule anything on Fridays. I promise. I swear. Give me a chance. I don't have a problem, I can stop anytime I want.....


  1. We have "margin fridays" too (although Family Fun Night sounds better :)
    We have all grown to LOVE IT!!!

    The Andy Stanley Margins Series CHANGED MY LIFE _ OMG_ have you watched it??!

  2. We do too! It's the one day Paul has completely off unless there is a wedding he is doing. But we protect that and try to keep it to ourselves.

    I love this margin idea. great analogy.

  3. Very cool. I am one of those strange people that probably under schedules but we will see how it gets as Liam gets older. I can see how quickly life fills up with activities. I will try and remember this when my boys get there.

  4. Good for you for recognizing the madness!:) Something to consider: There will come a time as your children get older when it's EXTREMELY important to keep them busy so they stay out of trouble. Parents who are/have been there will tell you: Keep those teenagers busy.Don't overschedule the young uns (and you) and then be sick of the running around by the time you really need to do it.

    And you think sports and activities are busy now? Wait until they are older and travelling all over the place for competitions. It's only just begun! Believe me...........


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