Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saddle Sore

Yesterday I blogged about getting back on the saddle and charging the new year with courage. Due to the unbridled enthusiasm with which I got back on the exercise train, I can barely move my body today. Brushing my teeth hurts. I went for a run with Sheri, Liz, and Lori and ate their dust the entire time. My legs could only take these tiny little baby steps. (Although, it was VERY nice to not run in snow!)

I only mention my body's broken down state because it is an allegory for how sometimes beginning again, starting fresh, is HARD. On the trail today, all I could do was focus on one step at a time. I couldn't think about how far we'd come or how many miles we had left. All I could do was take the next step.

And, I made it home that way.


  1. well that answers my question of how you're feeling today~

    good job though ... i'm proud of you jodie.


  2. You inspire me Jodie! Love You!

  3. Jodie! GOOD GIRL! You are a powerhose, a fighter, a dreamer, and a do-er! Everyone's truly got to have a break a few times during the year where you just slack and enjoy it. December's a great time to do that, and your training program is probably better off for it! Your attitude towards your workouts is probably fresh and enthusiastic, and your joints are happy with a rest from running! I was just lauging to myself and TOTALLY feeling you when you write one day about 2 awesome workouts, jumping back on the band wagon in full force, then feeling hit by a bus the next day! That's what makes workout #3 so important; for your body's recovery, AND for proving to yourself that you can slug this out, it'll get easier with each mile, and that your a girl that gets done what needs to get done! you know your body, and you know it's patterns and how you respond to your workouts, and how to fuel yourself well, so on you go! I love it! Anyways, I was just inspired by your writing, and feeling empathic towards your battle and also proud of my former client! ;) Love you and love what you're doing!

  4. I'd like to give a shout out to the world most rocking personal trainer...DAVY GOETZE! I went to her at the beginnings of my quest toward adult athleticism and she pretty much whipped me right into shape...

    Go see her at THRIVE FITNESS in Redmond!!!!


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